Sri Lanka is a paradise island offering visitors incomparable beach holidays. With the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean gently lapping its pristine shores, Sri Lanka's beaches are covered with soft warm sand. Home to tropical fish and living corals the waters surrounding Sri Lanka are warm thanks to the tropical climate the island enjoys. With over 1300 km of beach on offer, all you have to do is come to Sri Lanka and spend hours of fun in the sun.

Whether you are looking to just relax in the sun and get the perfect tan or if you are looking for more action such as surfing, diving or jet skiing, Sri Lanka has much to offer with its world renowned best beaches. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.


With a history that dates back over 2000 years Sri Lanka has a culture that is seeped with heritage that helped mold the country into the place of wonder that it is. Sri Lanka holidays showcase this ancient influence as visitors are embraced by the warmth of her people. This tiny island can lay claim to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are well preserved and proudly display the achievement of ancient Sri Lanka.

From amazing structures such as temples and the Sigiriya Rock Fortress to rivers and lakes to well planned gardens, visitors will be awed from the moment they arrive. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.


Sri Lanka maybe small in size but she is big in the wildlife she has to offer. Packed into this tiny island is an abundance of natural wildlife starting from the famous Asian Elephant to the elusive leopard. The country has nine national parks and seven bird sanctuaries. In fact 43 of the endangered species listed by the World Conservation Union can be found in Sri Lanka's national parks. Sri Lanka is home to Minneriya which is famous for having the largest gathering of wild elephants. The country has recently also grown in fame as being a hotspot for whale and dolphin watching.

Sri Lanka also has a range of endemic species such as the Sri Lanka Leopard, the Sloth Bear and the Sri Lankan elephant. It is a privilege to see these animals in their natural habitat and you can have the unique experience of seeing the largest land and sea mammals in one holiday destination. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.


Though not always recognized as such Sri Lanka is in fact a thrill seekers paradise. There are so many activities on offer that visitors might find it hard to pack it all into just one holiday. All the more reason to return to this beautiful island that has camping, trekking, kayaking and canoeing, while you can also enjoy the exhilarating experience of a hot air balloon ride. For an adrenaline rush with a difference try wave riding or paragliding.

Being an island it is easy to experience the country by cycling and backpacking which is a cost effective way to enjoy Sri Lanka. When it comes to island holidays, Sri Lanka is one of the forerunners, with its warm people, sunny climate and exciting adventures. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.


Once known as Serendib, Sri Lanka still lives up to this name by being a paradise island. Visitors are instantly embraced by the warmth of the country and swept away by the serenity Sri Lanka holidays provide. There are so many who return to the island's warm shores to find rest and relaxation as they are pampered by the hospitable locals. Laze around on the beach sampling the freshest seafood or feast your eyes upon unparalleled scenic beauty as you sip a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea in the hill country.

Sri Lanka has so many experiences to offer and the bliss is that you can decide on the type of experience you want to experience. Time comes to a standstill as you absorb yourself in the country's history, seaside, wildlife or trek through the green plains in the up country region. Find your blissful moment in Sri Lanka. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.


For such a tiny island Sri Lanka has very different landscapes and scenery to experience, depending on which part of the island you visit. From the very green misty up country area that harks back to our colonial heritage, to the soft, warm beaches that are perfect for lazing on; your senses will be definitely treated with beauty. Sit on the beach and watch the sun rise in all its glory and then be cooled by the gentle evening breeze as the sun sets in a medley of russet hues. Walk past green paddy fields or sit by a murmuring stream and just enjoy the moment, the sense of being alive.

To give your body and mind a gentle stimulation Sri Lanka is ideal, as you will instantly feel alive as the scenic beauty of the country encompasses you. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.


It is hard to describe the essence of Sri Lanka, it has to be experienced. The country is rich in tradition and while it has embraced the modern world, retains its old values. With the importance given to elders and the due respect given to their experiences, you will find Sri Lanka a place where you can feel safe and cared for. Skills are handed down from generation to generation with religion playing a very important role in everyday life.

Yet Sri Lanka has managed to strike the perfect balance between the old and the modern so that you never feel as though you are stuck in a time warp. Instead you can enjoy tradition cuisine, influenced by our colonial past and served with a modern twist. You will find buildings with colonial architecture that have withstood the test of time yet now housing modern institutions; you can listen to music that speaks of our history yet appeals to our modern tastes. Sri Lanka's essence has to be experienced; come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.


In the ancient past Sri Lanka, due to its strategic location at the crossroads between East and West, has been greatly influenced by the different visitors to the country. These visitors brought with them their diverse cultures and customs and with time these got absorbed into the Sri Lankan way of life. Visit in April for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrated to give thanks for bountiful harvests and you can try some mouthwatering traditional sweetmeats. In May be assailed by the beautiful and creative lanterns and pandols that adorn homes, buildings and roads, lit to pay homage to the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha. Ramadan too is celebrated in style while in December out comes the colourful Christmas decorations.

There are colouful pageants referred to as a perehara that are breathtaking to witness. You will see a procession of traditional dancers, whip-dancers, fire dancers and the majestic elephants carrying sacred Buddhist relics. These are experiences that are never forgotten. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.